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Lactation consultant, postpartum doula
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Postpartum Care Services
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As a lactation consultant I offer emotional, physical and informational support to new mothers. I have had considerable experience working with twins, preemies, adoptions, LGTB couples, first time mothers to eighth time mothers, since 1992, having worked with nearly 600 families in Oregon. As a new mom you can expect resources and/or direct care with all lactation issues perinatal as well as general newborn care.

My mission is to care for and educate the new mother and father so they can confidently nurture their baby and realize that their own instincts work. Anyone expecting their first baby or subsequent babies can benefit from the expertise of a board certified lactation consultant.

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April Rating Given: *****
"Vicky is a miracle worker! After a nightmarish time breastfeeding my first child, I decided to get help with my second. After my daughter was born, Vicky came to my house and sat with me as I struggled. She assessed the situation and calmly suggested ways that I could start working with my baby to get a better latch and try to get rid of the nipple shield. She had very specific suggestions and was refreshingly direct. She was patient and encouraging and after only a few visits, I was finally hav"   more...


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Patti Rating Given: *****
"Vicky is truly amazing. She helped me tremendously with my first and second child. Just knowing she's out there brings peace to my harried, new mom thoughts. "   


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Afvallen11 Rating Given: *****
"Vicky york. You are really excellent.

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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"Vicky was recommended to me by my midwife, Linda Glenn, at OHSU. She is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated lactation specialists who has helped me with the numerous problems that I had in achieving pain-free breast feeding.

Because of how well informed Vicky is, she was able to identify a couple of reasons for the pain I experienced and helped me tremendously to relieve it. She went through a list of questions about the symptoms I was experiencing in order to hone in on the cause for t"   more...


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renata adamidob Rating Given: *****
"What can I say about Vicky? She was a Godsend in a sea of confusion and stress. I was recovering from a c-section and having horrible latching issues and Vicky guided me through every possible problem and scenario. She allowed me to mother my child and to learn how to best deal with every situation. She never once "took over" or imposed something I couldnt do or handle. Her vast knowledge of baby development as well as lactation expertise made her so valuable to me as a doula. It took almost 3 m"   more...


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