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Karaoke Cat had her first experience with Karaoke down South on the Mississippi back in the early 1990's. She knew karaoke would soon reach the eastern seaboard and she made it her goal to be there when it started. She has spent well over a decade making her system and collection one of the best available.

Karaoke Cat spent many years traveling the country in an unrelated business and had over 300 "LIVE" airtimes on the Home Shopping Network. She knows how to be out there in front of the people first hand.

Karaoke Cat began building her own karaoke-dj business inbetween her travels. And now with more than 15 years experience she has one of the largest collections of karaoke in the country.

Karaoke Cat provides top-notch Karaoke and DJ services along with great customer support.

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Constance Mandell Rating Given: *****
"Been to many shows of Karaoke Cat, and its always amazing. When the time came that I needed a DJ, I knew exactly who I wanted to call. She was amazing, in fact I didn't think she could be better than she is at her shows but she was so personalized for my party and she took it to a new level. Many of my friends took her card and plan on using her for their parties. If you are looking for a great entertainer, Karaoke Cat is top quality."   

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