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Indianapolis, IN 
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M. Brent Pittman
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M. Brent Pittman
Please phone (317) 852-4470 after 4:00 pm EST

Present HCM ASSOCIATES Indianapolis, Indiana 46214

Executive management consultants specializing in marketing, finance, productivity & cost improvement
Manufacturers Representatives for computers, software and machine tools

Past Professor of marketing and management at Penn State and Indiana University for seniors, MBA’s,
MHA's and executives

Indianapolis, Indiana

Marketing and Sales Manager
U.S. and international marketing, sales, pricing, forecasting, promotion,
advertising, distribution, service, application engineering, and strategic planning
of computers, software and CNC industrial ND:YAG & CO2 laser machines for cutting, drilling, welding, marking, surface hardening, alloying, cladding, inspecting, and testing incorporating robotics, artificial intelligence, fiber optics, and vision systems

Eight years MIAMI VALLEY PRODUCTS Greenville, Ohio
Manufacturing specialists in die cutting, molding, forming, and fabrication of nonmetallic materials
serving the automotive, appliance, electrical, and electronic markets

General Manager Total P&L
Marketing, sales, finance, accounting, materials, quality, human resources, manufacturing, and

Two years Doctor of Business Administration University of Kentucky Classes & exams completed

Two years Master of Business Administration University of Kentucky
Ranked in top 5% of U.S. business schools by Business Week magazine

Two years EATON CORPORATION Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Manufacturers of automotive and truck air conditioners, heaters, valves,
and clutches 730 employees (nonunion)

Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Tool, plant, process, industrial, and packaging engineering, cost estimating and maintenance

Three years WESTINGHOUSE CORPORATION Mansfield, Ohio
Manufacturers of washers, dryers, and ranges
3600 employees (union-incentive)

Engineering Supervisor
Layouts, methods, standards, budgets, manpower and facility planning, material handling,
cost estimating, capacity determination, machine loading, cost reduction & productivity improvement

Four years WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION St. Joseph, Michigan
Manufacturers of washers (4500 units/day)
1800 employees (union-daywork)

Engineer Productivity improvement and cost reduction

Bachelor of Science Purdue University
Major: Industrial Supervision and Management
Minor: Engineering and Technology

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