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Hi my name is Maeve Allan, and welcome to my iKarma. I am the mother of 2 wonderful children who are both grown and whom I love dearly. Both have now left the "nest" and are walking their own paths in life, quite successfully I might add and I am so proud of them. Needing to fill the gap that was created when they left I became a Mom to a beautiful lil Maltese dog "Hope" or Ms. hopiedopie or munchkin as I lovingly call her, and what a joy she is. I am so blessed.

Most of my business career was in corporate sales and marketing with a Fortune 500 company at the Executive Administrative level. Due to health concerns I was forced to leave work and have been on disability for the past 10 years. Not one willing to sit idle (Type A-personality) I proceeded to teach myself web design and to look for ways that I could develop a home based business that would get me off disability and back to being self supportive. My persistence and prayers are being answered. I have been fortunate to find a solid online business opportunity and I have also found many great online marketing tools which have helped me a lot in developing my business. I have been so fortunate and have met some amazing people in the 9 years I have spent on the internet.

My passion is my Praise and Worship site, which is very personal for me and I have earned a Certificate of Completion in "Faith Foundations" from the Charles Stanley Institute for Christian Living.

I love helping others and sharing with them anything I have learned in my cyber space travels or in my life journey. People know me as mjabally or mjallan on the Internet, and over the years I have assisted many in learning, whether it be just basic internet, how to make websites, painting/graphic design, or helping them develop a web presence. I have won awards for my web pages from The American Association of Webmasters, The Golden Web Awards and the Canadian Webmasters Association. I was elected into Phenomenal Women of the Web as an Epitome of a Phenomenal Women, and also belong to Misker's Denizens. I have had so many positive experiences on the net and have developed friendships with others all over the world. Friendships I believe will last a lifetime and beyond.

Thank you again for visiting my site and God's Blessings always, Maeve

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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"I have talked in great lengths with Maeve about the dark chocolate i found her to be very informative on the subject she has done all her homework on the chocolate and a very pleasant person to talk to she won't push you to try and make a sale she really beleives the choclate will sell its self "   


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"I meet mja through the internet ,she is willin to help any who ask.
she is i believe of great faith who knows the Word and follows It.
anyone who chooses to do this will go far in life for it is so written
personally she is humorus to talk to and is not afriad to say what is true and stand behind what she believes. this is rare and worth more then words can describe.

i am just grateful that she considers me a friend .
"   more...


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"You could not ask for a more dedicated honest individual than Maeve,she not only says she will say or do something,even the smallest detail, she will follow through and persevere to help embody whatever the situation entails.I have known her for many years now through the internet,and know how cherished she is by all who have gotten to know her.She is very loving and has a faithful heart,dedicated to her Lord and to her family and to her friends.The busier this world gets the more important her "   more...

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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"It has been my pleasure to get to know Maeve over the past five years. Maeve is a wonderful person who has the most positive outlook on life, no matter what the situation.

Maeve is not only highly skilled but is always so willing to share her knowledge and experience to teach and enrich the lives of others. He faith is inspiring to all who cross her path, never judgemental ~ always encouraging!

Maeve's skill is website design has been very valuable to our Women's Ministry Team ~ we are s"   more...


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"I have known Maeve for 8 years now and she has become such a very important lady to me. I could write pages and pages of wonderful things about Maeve, but I know that I can't do that here sooo I will tell you that she is very religious and has a healthy belief in God. She has always been there for me and for many others especially in here. she has helped me so much in learning this puter. She has more patience then anyone I have ever known. I can't say enough about this wonderful lady. God Bess"   more...

Tags: Friend Detail

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