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Lee Parent, LCSW
A Better Life Coach
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In many ways, I'm just an ordinary guy. I put on my pants one leg at a time just like everybody else. In many other ways I am unique, as we all are in our own special way. So what sets me apart from other people? Factors such as gender, race, nationality, religious beliefs, and primary roles in life among other things serve as a means of establishing one's personal identity. Probably our life experiences and how we have responded with our own ways of coping and adjusting to the constant changes in our life tend to make us the person we are.

Major changes in life are often brought about by an event or series of events. These events can be joyous occasions or disastrous and can have the effect of disrupting life's adjustments. There is usually some sense of loss with all of the accompanying emotions that a loss entails. Emotions such as anger, grief, guilt, depression and anxiety to name a few can overwhelm and immobilize us, making decision-making difficult, and often leading a person to grab at straws so to speak in an effort to cope. Although temporary, in this state of crisis, adjustments are broken down and one's normal means of coping with stress may be inadequate or unavailable. In this situation people need all the information and support they can get, and given that, they make new adjustments and get on with their life.

My point in discussing change is that any change, no matter how devastating, is accompanied by an opportunity to improve one's adjustments and experience personal growth in their life. I have spent the greater part of my adult life as a licensed clinical social worker. Typically, people have a difficult time making needed changes in their life until they are forced to do so, It has been somewhat of a passion with me to enable people in crisis to recognize their opportunity for positive change in their life and supporting them in their process of readjustment. I have come to think of myself as being a master of positive change.

I retired a few years ago from full time professional practice but soon learned that my retirement income was inadequate to support my family, particularly since my wife and I are raising teenage twins, a boy and a girl. More recently, we have taken on major financial responsibility for a great grandson and granddaughter. I am currently engaged in a part-time private practice through which I have consulted with a community development program as well as a partial hospitalization program for the mentally ill. I am also offering psychotherapy and life coaching services to individuals and families in the greater Baton Rouge, LA area.

In addition to my professional activities, I have also engaged in Internet marketing activities in association with a mastermind group of marketers known as the Crazy Foxes Marketing Group. My reason for getting involved in Internet marketing was not only to subsidize my retirement income but also to help others improve their lives. Through my association with the Crazy Foxes I have learned ways to help local businesses that have been hit hard by our country’s economic crisis by enabling them to optimize their presence on the Internet through search engine optimization. Together with my business partner, Dr. Billi Dixon, we offer SEO services to local businesses through Media Motivators, LLC.

The economic crisis has been devastating to thousands of people throughout the country causing them to lose their jobs, their homes and often their sense of well being. We have recognized the need for people to be able to be able to acquire affordable housing through wholesale investment activities whereby we are able to purchase foreclosed homes and offer them to others at a discounted price through Global Village Real Estate Consortium.

While I have, on rare occasions, encountered people who seem to have breezed through life without major stress, I have had my ups and downs just like the majority of people in the world. Much like everyone else, I have had a need for variety in my life and have engaged in other work activities including construction work and the restaurant business I have also been a song writer and poet, and have written weekly articles for a newspaper. I enjoy fishing, gardening and woodworking, and have tried my hand at several artistic endeavors. I am very family oriented and feel that I have a rich spiritual life. I am married for the past forty-one years to a wonderful woman and have three grown children plus grand children and great-grandchildren. I am also fortunate to live near my mother, a former social worker and educator, who continues to be an inspiration for me.

Lee Parent,
Positive Change Master


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Xooma Rating Given: *****
"<A HREF="http://www.xoomanet.com/">Xooma</A> is a fantastic product with great health effects. I have used the product since June 2005 with great results, such as improved circulation and an overall better feeling of well being. Great article - keep up the good work!"   

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Cindy Bolley Rating Given: *****
"Just wanted to tell you a bit about Lee Parent.
I have known Lee for about a year now. Lee and
I both Market on the same Team. We are both
in "The Inner Circle of Prosperity Cast Network."

I have always found Lee to be a very pleasant, soft
spoken gentleman ready to pitch in and help others.
It has always been a very positive experience when
I have had the pleasure of working with Lee.

I would not hesitate going into business with Lee Parent.

Cindy Bolley

Skype ID Abeque"   


iKarma Rating: 100%
Phyllis Belden Rating Given: *****
" Lee, you are one of the most interesting people I have talked to. Even with a life full of ups and downs, you seem to have come out on top. Being family oriented and caring about others gives you an A in my book. I am glad to be on the same team with you in Xooma World Wide. I am praying that this will be what we both are looking for. God bless you, Lee, and your family. They are blessed to have you with them.

Phyllis Belden "   

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Dave Freed Rating Given: *****

I'd like to express my thanks to Lee for being such an inspiration to everyone, for someone who feels technology passed him by years ago he really seems to have quite a knack for Marketing online, he puts forth 150% into everything he does.

Lee is dedicated to succeeding and when you're ready to start building your internet presence he'll know all of the steps you need to take to become successful also.

With friends like Lee around me I seem to get so much m"   more...

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Postee's Comment

Thank you so much Dave for all your kind words. You have been a great help, not only to me, but also to everyone on the Mentors In Motion team. You can always be depended on to be right there when information is needed. You give freely of your time and energy as well as your astute knowledge of computer technology and internet marketing. I look forward to getting to know you a lot better.

iKarma Rating: 100%
Global Village International Outreach Ministries, Marketing & Information Services Rating Given: *****
"I have known Lee Parent for well over a year and in my estimation Lee is an honest and humble individual. Lee is very new to Internet marketing and has a lot to learn about this industry. Lee has associated himself with a group of professional Internet Marketer's that are dedicated Mentors. The Mentor's In Motion-Xooma Team is a very dynamic group of diverse personalities with willingness to helping others develop their craft.

Lee has willingness and eagerness to learn this business and Lee "   more...

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