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Benjamin Surdi comes from a strong background of Equity Management strategies partnered with a sharp mind for real estate investing.

Since the beginning of Ben's career he made his number one motive to become the #1 Mortgage Advisor in the North West by learning everything available to him.

Benjamin is a member of the Washington Association of Mortgage Brokers and is certified in the home ownership accelerator program which gives him an edge for bringing unparalleled service to your door step.

Being a positive role model for the community is a vital focus for Ben and through that focus he channels seminars ranging from beginner seminars such as First Time Home Buyer’s all the way up to advanced Equity Management Concepts.

Ben says “Your mortgage is the most important aspect of your financial future, it will either assist you to your financial freedom point or it will simply hold you back. Ben has been featured and is a member of the Master Builder Association and participates in community events to help build strong communities for the future.

Ben has shown a great deal of concern for the community as a whole and the lack of education that our kids and adults alike are facing. America as a whole has an average savings of -.058 which is lower than it was in the great depression!

Join Ben and Elite Capital Lending Group to learn how to properly manage your assets and liabilities to create financial freedom and most importantly wealth for your family. Your future is Ben’s Focus,


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Chelsea Luker Rating Given: *****
"Benjamin Surdi provided the best service and education that we have ever received in the home purchasing process. We recommend him 110% to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a home!

Chelsea- Mill Creek, WA"   

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