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I am the type of Person enjoying life in its total abundance. I live according the following rules:

1. A honest man can never refuse.

2. Do to other’s as you want them to do unto you.

3. The Truth sets you free.

4. We become what we think the most about.

I just love every day, I am excited to wake up in the morning, and now that today is going to be another amazing experience. A day full of fun, laughter and beautiful new people.

I love Nature, the sky in particular, so perfect, trees, Mountains and sunny mornings. I Just love Living.

Business Focus

I specialize in the following areas:

Social Media Optimization, social media marketing, Online Branding, Personal branding, RSS/XML Feed syndication, Marketing Automation and Internet entreprenuerual Training.

I research RSS/XML for some time and believe its the future of web publishing. Through my research I gathered loads of e books, software and other useful data that will give any Internet marketer the Competitive edge to rise above the crowd.

I coach Social Media online at the Veretekk University USA

Personal Branding.
As I started my career on the web, I realized that there are far too many faceless people on the web. People that hide behind the Internet and think they can sell you programs that only recruit more people to recruit more people that sell nothing. I lost a few dollars like that and decided that I am going to promote Person Branding. Encourage Internet marketers or affiliates to promote them self. I also took a strong stance against faceless sellers. If I can't read more about you, or are unable to talk to you I do not buy from you. I also want to encourage other honest online sellers to do the same.

Online Selling.
Online selling is a rare commodity, everybody is marketing and not selling. Know this, if a person does not know the difference between selling and marketing, they should really, take a course in selling. Branding is part of marketing and asking you to purchase is part of selling, read more about that in my blog Selling Online.

Marketing Automation.

My honest believe is that you will not make large amounts of money if you did not automate your marketing efforts. Automation do not necessarily need to cost money, there are a lot of facilities available today that can help you automate all your basic routine tasks, so that you can focus on Selling and Marketing of your products and services. I offer a Full automated services and personal help to get your marketing efforts on steroids. The system is available in a free version as well as a paid version. You do not need to sign up for any of my programs, promote your programs is fine with me. By the way, most of the opportunities that I offer are free. I strongly believe if you have to pay for an affiliate program, they are 90% going to be the only persons making any money. (From YOU). Good Affiliate Programs do not cost anything. Ask yourself this, "How can I charge you to sell my products, I am hiring not you, what a cheek."

Lead Generation

I am good at this, I will help anybody to generate between 2000 to 13 000 fresh leads a day. I know it sound a bid far fetch, but you got nothing to lose, May be I am right, if I am not, I loose credibility and your Trust. (please do not just join the link, talk to me first, its a process and you need the full range of free tools to do that.) -other Links: Free FFA's, Etracking, WebCatch, Free Classifieds, SEO Submit, IntoSoft Online, Place Millions of Ads, Power of RSS.

I run my own online Campus providing education focus on the working at home Mom. Universal Campus is supported by the University of the Western Cape. The newest addition to his profile is providing educational blog platforms for schools, colleges and universities around the Globe. These free services includes training the teachers and kids, how to benefit from blogging. The “Responsible Education” project is much needed in Africa

Just before we left the topic, get your own full web marketing tool set here http://domains.straussbornman.com ( includes -website builder, email builder, banner builder, button builder, auto responder, & it comes with a large archive of marketing tools and Graphics.

That is That, now that you know who I am, give me a call on skype (straussbornman) and we might have some of the same interests and you might get something usefully free.

Hope to meet you one day...Just have Fun, all the time, the moment you do not enjoying what you do, find something else to do.

Let’s see what’s up on my fun list. Fun list • Watching other people • Starting new Projects • Meet new people • Try new systems • Help someone in need • Create new adventures • Share something with others • To give 110%, 110% of the time....That’s Fun...

Also see my other Blogs: Selling Online | Personal Branding | Top Affiliate | RSS GURU

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Cindy Bolley Rating Given: *****
"I am pleased to be able to write a review of Jacob.
We first met in a Veretekk Class. I noticed right away that he was
way ahead of the other students in attendance.
After class we chatted on Skype, Jacob's thirst for knowledge was incredible.
I have found Jacob to be very informed in his field. I have enjoyed our conversations very much, and look forward to working with him into the future.

Cindy Bolley
Skype ID Abeque"   

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