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Here is a bit of information about me. I came into internet marketing from a very different perspective. I have been on the internet since 1984 when I attended the Apple Macintosh roll out at the planetarium in Philadelphia and that is where became hooked.

I owned and operated several small computer based business over the years but my background was primarily in public and private sector law enforcement. I spent 9 years importing canines from Europe and then training and selling them to Police Departments accross the U.S. and Canada.

During that time I also acted as a consultant various LE agencies and developed the first local anti - drug programs focused on educating children from the Elementary schools through High School and am a court certified expert witness in regard to canine behavior.

In the late 90's my focus turned toward the private sector which brought me to become more involved in the internet where I worked on investigating internet based crimes.

The more I became involved in the internet the more I became interested in internet marketing. I now successfully market several products on the net ranging from locally manufactured pet care to locally produced independant films and other indie artists that have been featured on PBS.

I have been interviewed on several local news networks, radio programs and appeared in print and film advertisements for several differnt public service organizations. Just for fun I started and ran a 128kbps, all genre, all request licensed internet radio station which operated 24/7.

Beside my interest in marketing, I love to travel to europe and spend time with Willem, my bull terrier that I brought with me from Holland, he is an Einstein The Joker grandson. Einstein is the youngest World's Champion in history and a nephew to Rocky Top's Sundance Kid aka "Rufus" who is the only bull terrier to win the coveted Westminister Dog Show.

Please feel free to drop me a line or dial my phone as I am always looking to meet other people involved in marketing, love dogs in general and bull terriers in particular. Who knows, perhaps we could share some ideas, talk about bull terriers or your dogs, break some bread or even have a cup of coffee. Maybe you could help me with some ideas and maybe I could help you in your efforts.

After all isn't success is a gift that is to be shared?

Best Wishes for your continued success!

RH Sterling - Case Statement Copywriter


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aurora Rating Given: *****
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iKarma Rating: 100%
THE FOOTEHOLD TWO Rating Given: *****
"Robert, it is with pride and sincerity that I am posting this review. Robert, you have been inspirational and a perfect model for those who aspire to success. Your interactions with me in every respect have been marked by your honesty, your ambition, and your fairness. I am happy to be your sponsor in Xooma Worldwide, in The Prosperity Cast Network, and now TriVita.

Working with you has been an honor, and I look forward to many happy, cooperative business endeavors.

God Bless!

Dr.Gw"   more...

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Cindy Bolley Rating Given: *****
"I am so pleased to be able to write a review of Robert Sterling.
I know Robert through our involvement with Xooma and The Prosperity Cast Network.

Robert is always ready to roll up his cuffs and step up to help in any given situation. It is great to have someone who is so involved in our group chats and meetings. I know that I can count on Robert to help with whatever needs to be done. Guiding new people is one of the things he is best at. Robert is always willing to share his knowledge wit"   more...

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Crazy Foxes Marketing Group Rating Given: *****
"I had the pleasure of meeting Robert through our mutual involvement in the Mentors in Motion Xooma Team and The Prosperity Cast Network. Although knowing him for only a short time, I can say that Robert is always ready and willing to help. He is there everyday, answering questions, helping others, and sharing information. Anyone would be lucky to have Robert as a Mentor and Associate.

It is certainly a pleasure getting to know Robert and hopefully I will be seeing him soon in person, not only"   more...


iKarma Rating: 100%
Karen Weir Rating Given: *****
"In the short time that I have known Robert, I have been impressed with his ability to connect with people and his unwavering commitment to contributing to the team. This is a man with natural leadership abilities. He is open and honest and it is truly a pleasure to work with him.

Robert, I am delighted to have met you and honored to have you on our team. I sincerely look forward to meeting you in Cancun! "   

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