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Jay Lohmann
Founder / CEO
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3005 Commerce
Dallas, TX 75226
United States
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I am the Founder of several companies in Dallas and Colorado Springs that focus on the Advertising, Website Design, PR and Creative Staffing industries.

I began as a freelance copywriter when I was a junior in college. After graduation, my unique creative abilities and early adoption of ‘white hat’ search engine optimization placed me at the top of the search engines and vaulted me into worldwide recognition as a premier advertising talent. In addition to my work for Fortune 100 clients, I fielded thousands of requests from aspiring freelancers seeking advice on self-employment, best business practices, professional networking and Internet Marketing.

Our latest venture is, a network of 119 freelance job directories and collaborative community, is the culmination of my professional experience – a life dedicated to self-reliance, professional networking, charitable philanthropy, and a willingness to help others achieve a life of professional independence.

Our Primary Business is a network of 119 city-specific freelance job boards designed to enhance the interaction between companies looking for contract talent and those Independent Professionals who provide it. It is unique because, after much research, it was intentionally designed to eliminate problems that plague the freelance industry. FreelanceNation enables the self-employed to easily source, fairly price, and successfully transact business and enhance their small business through collaboration and cooperation. FreelanceNation provides freelance work through:

• 100% blind bidding
• Customizable membership rates
• Search engine optimized profiles and projects
• 500 skill sets in 23 professions
• Self-employment support and small business support
• A professional networking forum
• Local to national search
…and many other features that make it an effective online business tool and collaborative business community. Our goal is to continue to build and actively promote the best website in the world that provides business support throughout the self-employment lifecycle.

Target Markets – FreelanceNation’s core target markets are:

1. Progressive, growth-oriented businesses including start-ups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies with 1 – 3,000 employees.
2. Search firms, corporate recruiters, SMB owners and project managers
3. Professional associations and organization
4. Independent Professionals and contract employees. Most are skilled white-collar workers, management and executives in the following 23 verticals:
• 3-D illustrators
• Accounting / Finance Professionals
• Administrative Support Specialists
• Advertising / Marketing / Designers
• Architects / Engineers
• Audio / Video / Film
• Business Consultants
• Gamers and Testers
• Hardware / Networking / Telephony
• Healthcare Professionals
• Hosting Service Providers
• Illustrators
• Internet Marketers
• Legal and Paralegal Professionals
• Media Specialists
• Photographers
• Programmers
• Public Relations / Promotions
• Traditional Artists
• Trainers / Educators / Tutors
• Translators and Linguistic Specialists
• Website and Interactive Designers and Developers
• Writers / Editors

If you are self employed, know someone that is, or you need to post a job or temporary employee, take a look at

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