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Frank McMillon
Travel Agent
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Atlanta, GA 
United States
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Frank, a former member of the US Army, resides in Atlanta, GA. He is the proud father of two teenage daughters (one in college and the other is one short year away).

In 1996, Frank became interested in the home-based business arena and the idea of working from home. He admits he did not know much of anything about the industry. He took on the challenge and failed miserably for a number of years. Failure upon failure, does that sound familiar?

Guess what? He did not give up, because LEARNING was taking place without him knowing it at the time. Fast forward a few years. He joins a company where he earns his first check. Instead of cashing it, he should of framed it. Nonetheless, the check was cashed. Wow, what an experience? He received payment for his hard work and efforts. This continued for a few months and he quickly realized he did not want to sell that particular product.

Fast forward again, Frank joins a company where he began to experience what some would consider success working from home. However, this company went out of business after a year and he had to start over. Does that sound familiar? Not to give up, Frank then joins another company where he continues to receive monthly residual income based on his efforts in the past.

In the Fall of 2005, Frank is introduced YTB Travel & Cruises. At first he was not takes several months for him to come to his senses. All of a sudden it made all of the sense in the world. If he is going to travel anyway, shouldn't he travel as in insider with perks and benefits versus traveling as an outsider? In February 2006, Frank partners with the YTB Travel Network and YTB quickly becomes his primary business. Frank is an highly effective leader and is building a team of motivated team members and has earned multiple bonuses as a Referring Travel Agent.

Are YOU ready? If you would like to have an honest conversation about the home based travel industry and why I am so certain that TRAVEL is the best opportunity for the most people to make the most money, then I invite you to call me.

I’d be honored to have that conversation with you. Thanks for allowing me to share my story.

To Your Tremendous Success,
Frank McMillon

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