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Tiffany Hoffman
Independent Distributor
Industry Category:
 General Retail Wholesale
PO Box 1
Loma, CO 81524
United States
Contact Information:
970.812.0208  Cell
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Hi, my name is Tiffany Hoffman and I am a Mia Bella Independent Distributor. I have been with Mia Bella since July 2007. If you are interested in starting your own scented candle business that you can work from home (or anywhere) and spend more time with your family, please contact me using the contact info provided here. We offer many avenues to make money with our business including retail & wholesale of our gourmet candle products (www.HomeLifeScents.com), as well as organizing fundraisers for any sized group (www.GivingBags.com). You can also sign up for our FREE Weekly Candle & Bath Bar drawing at www.miabellacandledrawing.com

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iKarma Rating: 82%
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"Janel is an excellent person to do business with, she is one of the most upstanding people I know with more INTEGRITY than many people I have dealt with. She will make sure you are happy with your transaction and I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone! Feel confident buying for selling with her."   



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