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V Alison Hodge
Insurance Specialist -- Life / Health , Property/Casualty
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New Jersey, NJ 
United States
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732-778-9038  Work
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Hi - Thanks for taking a peek at my profile. In just 12 minutes I will show you how YOU can save your company 13-21% on your group health insurance premiums. I am, V Alison Hodge, an Employee Benefits Insurance Consultant to Small and Medium sized businesses located in NJ, NY, CT & PA. I have specialized in providing businesses with cost effective benefit programs for over 17 years and I am licensed in Life, Health, and Property-Casualty Insurance.

My area of expertise is working with business owners in finding strategic ways to reduce their Group Health Insurance premiums without sacrificing necessary coverage’s; thus resulting in significant savings that is recycled or reused in other areas of their business operations. In addition to domestic medical benefits, I consult on international medical benefits for companies with multinational locations or employees traveling to and from the US.

Amongst my clients, I have proven myself as a valuable extension to their business operations and an expert in Employee Benefits for Small Businesses. Strategic alliances allow me to offer my clients the full gamut of insurance protection and services.

Distinguished by my island accent, it is obvious that I am a native of the Caribbean. I was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands then moved to New Jersey in 1989 where I have resided ever since. I love reading, kickboxing, all things animation and a good cup of tea. I attack sales and service with “a solution to a need” approach.

My favorite quote: “Author unknown”. My favorite movie: “Life is Beautiful”.
My motto: Live, Love and Laugh often. My Favorite Charity: "www.operationsmile.org"

So.. go ahead call me now and I will show you how you will save your company thousands.

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Cindy Bolley Rating Given: *****
"It is my pleasure to write a review for V Alison Hodge.
Since I am a former insurance agent myself I can appreciate
Alison's attention to detail. I can tell she really does work with
her clients best interest in mind.
Alison's clients are very fortunate to have someone like her working
for them.

I would not hesitate to allow V. Alison Hodge to fill my insurance needs.

Cindy Bolley

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