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Up until October of 2006, I was among the 97% of home based business owners that never really had any success. Trust me, I was working hard! I am not afraid of hard work. But I just didn't have an effective way of marketing my products or my business.

Then I discovered a fairly recent development in home based business called Direct Response Network Marketing. Heard of it? That's where you let mass media do the advertising and all the leg work for you. Then you have no need to go out and haggle friends and family to join your business or buy your soap.

I achieved a fair amount of success using this business model. I joined a company that utilized this concept and became one of the top 12 ranking individuals in the company.

Unfortunately, that company I got involved with shut its doors just before the 2-year mark. The company CEO let us down with poor leadership and business management. But you know what? You live and learn.

I knew the concept was still a good one: Letting the media pros do the hard work for me so that I could run a turn key business from home and help others do the same.

So, relying on my "keep-at-it" attitude that my parents instilled in me, I kept a look out for another opportunity in Direct Response Network Marketing. Only this time, I was wiser and knew what kind of pitfalls to avoid when choosing a new company to promote.

That's when I came across the most beautiful, simple business plan and I'd ever seen! Not only that, but it was backed by SOLID, ethical, and positive leadership with a long success record and stable infrastructure.

I didn't have to look long before I realized I had found my new home and here I am still! I hope you'll take a minute to click on the link below to learn more about what I'm doing. You just might find it is a good fit for you as well. If not, that's fine. But you never know till you get all the facts.

I pride myself on maintaining good relationships with my business partners and doing my best to help others achieve the success they want. So please feel free to contact me Mon-Sat with any questions.

Until Then!


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