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I appreciate that you have interest to know me better, and let me share with you, how you too can become successful with your life and business.

I was born and raised in Germany on the Border of the Black Forrest. In 1996 my husband brought us to Alabama. I am by nature a trusting person, I was conned, mislead, hurt and divorsed. As a single mother and with Business Managers background, I worked as Administraion Assistant and part time my business in Accounting and Tax Prepareation. To get peace in my life we moved to San Antonio Texas, and I became a Internet Marketer.
With my Professional Business Consulting Service, I also market Jaguar Marketing System and use Veretekk as a Lead Generation System and Markketing Tool. I am a validated Trainer, Coach and Mentor and also a student of Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction, which is workings on my future as an internet marketer and in all aspects of my life.

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Cindy Bolley Rating Given: *****
"It is my pleasure to write a review for Gudrun Smith
I know Gudrun through our mutual association with
Veretekk marketing. we met in a Veretekk classroom.
I found Gudrun to be very helpful and very willing to
share her knowledge with other.

I am looking forward to a long association with Gudrun Smith

Cindy Bolley"   

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Thank you Cindy, I am so glad that I meet you and be able to share information with you. You make it so easy to understand marketing. Gudrun Smith

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Jim Blasco Rating Given: *****
"I just met Gudrun in a Veretekk classroom. She was the instructor and I was the student. She presented the class material in an easy to follow format. I was very impressed that she took extra time after class to answer my questions."   

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