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Jack Henriquez
Online Marketing and Personal Trainer
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1619 burning tree lane
Brandon, FL 33510
United States
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Hello My Name Is Jack Henriquez
I am a musician a father and
a web marketing specialist and I train others as well
To be in Success Web marketing....
Achieving Success in Business – a practical insight

Who is a successful entrepreneur? – the answer lies in the person who seems to achieve success in business as if by some magic formula, but in reality there is none except some practical down-to-earthly traits which he/she has imbibed or cultivated over a period in time. Topping the list of such characteristics, is the entrepreneur’s self-confidence in his/her own self and ability to excel in comparison to others, followed by sheer efforts to stay focused on a rather lofty objective, and thirdly by a judicious combination of risk-taking mixed with caution in almost perfect balance.

People who are achievers succeed in business by naturally displaying some very interesting behaviours that seem to be based on easily assimilated characteristics such as decision-making, independent thinking, dedication to work, emphasis on more effort than luck, and so on, in addition to the top three, mentioned above. Again even among those key characteristics, Self-confidence stands as the hallmark of the successful entrepreneur, without which all the other characteristics would fade or vaporize into thin air. Such is the standing of self-confidence as an essential trait, in the overall making of a persons ability to succeed in business.

Adopting a few small but effective strategies can further strengthen this potential self-confidence mechanism. (a) Nurturing a positive attitude, would enhance self-confidence, in oneself which in turn would lead to spreading the almost infectious messages of positive thinking to all those (friends, clients, peers and subordinates) who are associated. (b) Transforming positive thoughts into visible action focused on the business goals, going in small but steady steps, constantly striving and pushing towards achievement of success in the business. (c) Always conceiving and creating alternative routes to reach the business objectives and ultimately success.

Above all, the successful entrepreneur generally has to think faster to see ahead of the others, and decide the pace of progress keeping a delicate balance between one’s own abilities and the business goals in the short and in the long term, never accepting defeat/setback casually.

On the whole the person who possesses some of the desirable traits such as Self-confidence, positive thinking, the never-give-up attitude, and those who can see ahead of the others, seem to be the forerunners in the race to establish themselves as successful entrepreneurs. It is these characteristics that others have to strive to emulate in the highly competitive sphere of business functions and successful entrepreneurship.

Much success and I look foward to working with you
Jack Henriquez

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Cindy Bolley Rating Given: *****
"I am pleased to be able to write a review for Jack Henriquez.
I know Jack through our mutual association with "The Prosperity
Cast Network Inner Circle." I have had the opportunity to be in several
classes with Jack and have always found him to be extremely helpful
to all who need a bit of extra attention. He is also very willing to participate
in any discussion that is going on.

I have seen many of Jacks videos on the internet. We could all take lessons
from him in that area. His video"   more...

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