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Aaron Gershfield was born and raised in Northern California and intended on going to school in Sacramento, when he discovered Kent State University in Ohio. He began taking Paralegal courses in the fall of 2002, and graduated four years later with a Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies. He was offered several positions in the Cleveland area, but he decided to return to his hometown to seek a job as a paralegal.

Aaron Gershfield began his legal assisting career working for the Law Offices of Sacramento, one of California’s top law firms, where his specific skill set, particularly his problem solving and head for facts, came in handy. He worked diligently for the firm for two years, from June 2006 until February 2008, before he was forced to move on to another law office.

Unfortunately, Aaron Gershfield did not find work right away and was obliged to take on freelance work for a while, which forced him to become acquainted with a variety of unfamiliar aspects of the legal industry that interestingly opened several unique opportunities to him and expedited his hiring process. After only working a couple months as a freelance paralegal, Aaron Gershfield was hired by Fair Oaks Law Firm to become one of their fulltime legal assistants who would specialize in commercial law.

Although Aaron Gershfield had little prior experience with commercial law, his interviewers were awed with his depth of knowledge, professionalism, familiarity with legal concepts, and the initiative and self-motivation he demonstrated at Kent State University, at the Law Offices of Sacramento, and during his interview. Aaron Gershfield prides himself on his highly developed skills of managing, researching, and analyzing. He is also extremely well known for his work ethic and his leadership skills and is glad to be putting those aptitudes to work at his current job.

What Aaron Gershfield enjoys most about his particular career path is his ability to meet and help new clients each day. He finds their legal situations fascinating and takes pleasure in analyzing possible solutions. As much as he loves his job, Aaron Gershfield’s dream is not to remain a legal assistant forever, but to found his own family law practice. In order to make his dream a reality, Aaron Gershfield has chosen to join the student body of a local law school, where he will simultaneously work for Fair Oaks Law Firm and take night classes in an effort to obtain his law degree.

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