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Welcome to Richter10.2 Media Group. We are a niche Web PR firm that specializes in building image, controlling search results and gaining massive attention for our clients online using our powerful and effective Web PR campaigns and Web PR Management.

Our clients include:

Large corporations looking to improve corporate image and reputation online
Doctors looking to gain attention, build reputation and generate new patients
Consultants and consulting firms looking to attract new clients and improve public perception
Public speakers, Public figures, celebrities and generally well known figures to clean up and control their image online as well as what the internet says about them
Direct sales organizations looking to improve credibility online and reach new reps
Attorneys and law firms looking to gain an edge over the vast amount of competition online
Artists, Authors, Musicians, Actors and Actresses looking to control online image
In general our clients are companies and individuals who are looking to build image and reputation online, gain massive amounts of attention and improve public perception to help them land jobs, improve sales, gain new clients and improve their overall bottom-line.

Richter10.2 Media Group is a web PR firm specialized in building online attention for our clients to attract new leads and generate business. We build each client’s reputation and image online, making it look pristine while also expanding their reach on the web to get them in front of prospective new clients. Our goal is for our clients to control search results, control public perception about their company and generate more traffic to their site and further, to generate more business to their company using powerful web PR campaigns. Web PR campaigns allow our clients to reach their target public using tools and vehicles that make it possible to reach new public they traditionally would not be able to reach. PR is the vital step before advertising and marketing; we start a fire for our clients online to get attention and drive in new business while making their marketing and advertising efforts more effective.

We have found that many clients have problems with marketing and advertising not biting and therefore wasting potentially thousands of dollars. We can change that. In addition, we can bury any negative or unwanted PR or search results online. The sheer size of our web PR campaigns allows our clients to have the search results that they would want their potential public to see. We have an exact method that dramatically improves your web presence online and helps you to control search results as well as gain attention you would have normally not gotten. We can show you how a Web PR campaign will help to drive sales and improve your current marketing, advertising and promotional activities. Learn how Web PR campaigns work and how you can use them for your company to improve your bottom-line.

We have found that our clients are faced with several problems online which they are trying to solve:
They do not control the entire first page of a Google search
They cannot be found easily online
The first page of a Google search has negative, unwanted, disrelated or competing company information
They want to gain more attention online to generate leads and create more sales for their company using the internet
They want to improve their image and public perception of their company online
They want to use the internet to promote their company effectively
Richter10.2 Media Group can and does handle all of the above for our clients on a daily basis. We will put your company in control of your PR online to help gain massive amounts of attention, generate leads, improve public perception and improve your companies overall bottom-line.

To gain more information about us or to explore a Web PR campaign for your company, please contact a Web PR Account Rep today and setup an appointment.


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"Robert is always wonderful to work with. He always exchanges in abundance and gives more than you would expect. He is a hard worker and I have seen him get a job done many times, where others had failed.
His new company Richter10.2 is amazing! He is the only person I know of that is doing "Web PR". There are plenty of other people out there doing "SEO" or "Web Marketing", but noone is doing web PR. It is a whole new game!

If you want to get your PR really in online I would highly recomm"   more...

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