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I am Olson C. Rogers, aka Corn,MrCorn, mohelp and maxluv. I am originally from Orlando, Florida and completed my assent into adolescence in Baltimore, Maryland. I am retired from the U.S. Navy, Proudly serving our country for 21 Years. I became a resident of Milledgeville, Georgia in 1990 and have been here since and retired as the Executive Director of the American Red Cross chapter here. I have owned a small business of some sort since 1977 and have enjoyed varying degrees of success with all of them, Since I am not yet rich, I continue to persevere. Growth in the knowledge of what it takes to be successful, is constant and I certainly believe, worthy of sharing with those others who seek similar results.I devote a great deal of my time in the development of on-line ventures, one of which is The Benjamins Group , a multi-pronged sales company and possibly, the most awesome lead generation company on earth. Of the many things I have done professionally in my life, the one that I plan to put to use here, on this site is that of a facilitator.There is an old adage that simply says"there is more that one-way to get to New York". That said, a good follow-up question might be; how many routes can one travel at a time? .That is why we must have your input to make this successful. We never have to travel the road alone or without help,unless we choose to do so. Choice, must always be an option.


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"Olson and I met while I was volunteering on the 2008 presidential campaign. I contacted him to give him information on the presidential campaign. With his community network and extensive business experience, he, in turn, gave me much information and insight not only into the campaign, but also, the community network, at large. I, distinctly, remember him saying, "Come on and go with me to this business meeting. I'll introduce you..." Because of this introduction, I was able to make signifi"   more...

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"Mr. Olson is a very fine gentleman, he is a warm an caring person and is always willing to help in any way. I met him during his Red Cross days and have enjoyed getting to know him."   


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"I've known Mr. Corn, Olson or what I so proudly call him Daddy for 43 yrs. As some of you have stated my Dad has blossomed in many different areas of his life to include his relationship with his daughters. Of course we haven't always seen eye to eye but have learned to agree to disagree. I like my daddy am a military member. I believe my dad's successful Navy career laid the foundation for my prosperous AF career. I still hear him saying what's wrong with the Navy? You were raised in the "   more...

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"I met Olson online about 6 years ago. I always have found him straightforward and honest. A real joy to talk to. He seems to have a knack for keeping in touch and thinks of the little things such as sending out cards and such for special occasions. -Joel "   


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"As an old Navy buddy, who has know the "Corn Man" since then, we have maintained contact for many years through the power of the internet. Always was a leader and Man of many talents. He is quite successful at all manner of things. He makes one proud to have served our country with him.

Of course I don't believe he came by the name Mr. Corn by raising 60 bushels and acre, as I suspect that the nickname reflects more on his ability to tell a joke. :-) Therefore I have some questions concerni"   more...


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