Lee Sheldon

Lee Sheldon
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 General Practice
2223 Sarno Road
Melbourne, FL 32935
United States
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321 259 9980  Work
321 259 9336  Fax
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Dr Lee N. Sheldon
Dr. Lee N. Sheldon

Dr. Lee N. Sheldon, Dr Lee N Sheldon, Lee Sheldon

Dr. Lee N. Sheldon
2223 Sarno Road
Melbourne, Florida 32935
Phone: 321 259 9980
Fax: 321 259 9336

Dr. Lee N. Sheldon, originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, graduated from Clark University, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. His training includes residencies at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and the University of Connecticut. Dr. Sheldon has also attended many dental implant programs including an extended program at the Medical College of Georgia.

Active in his community, Dr. Sheldon has served as Chairman of the dental department at Holmes Regional Medical Center, President of his synagogue, Director of the Brevard Study Club, and Southeast Regional Director of the Seattle Study Club. He also is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Florida where he teaches in the graduate department of Periodontics.

A sought after lecturer, Dr. Sheldon often speaks to local groups both in and out of dentistry, and has spoken nationally on dental implants, practice management and communication. His health and medical program, Check Up, was broadcast for over eight years. He is now co-host of a radio program, Alternative Mainstream, on TropicWaveRadio.net, where he documents the data on the ills of psychotropic drugs as well as the successes of natural healing.

Dr. Sheldon’s primary dental interest is in dental reconstruction, and has initiated many programs, including the first computer-generated dental implant reconstruction to be placed in Central Florida. He is also the first periodontist in Central Florida to have introduced the periodontal endoscope to assist in non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease.

Dr. Sheldon and his wife, Eleanor, have three children.

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Dr Lee N. Sheldon

Dr Lee Sheldon

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