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Anderson Covers
Basement Window Well Covers
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1335 W. 1650 N. Suite A
Springville, UT 84663
United States
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Anderson Window Well Covers manufactures and installs custom cellar covers and window grates for basement window wells in Utah and Colorado.

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Kevin Olsen Rating Given: *****
"I have used other window well covers from other companies that have broken when standing on them and have slid out from under my feet. Anderson Window well covers are custom fit very durable and look really goo on my window wells. Very easy Just call and they will come out and measure you Basement window well and with in 2 weeks you have your custom covers delivered and installed."   


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Rusty Rating Given: *****
"I couldn't be happier. My neighbor has some other kind of window well cover, and they are garbage. Mine are sturdy, they fit right, and they don't rust. I also don't have to dig leaves out of my wells before the snow falls.

There's a lot of "made in the garage" crap out there when it comes to this stuff. We had a technician come to our house, measure our window wells and then come back a few days later with our covers made just for our house."   

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