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New Age of Enlightenment
Human Evolution
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I am a native of Nottingham England. I trained as an accountant with Nottingham City Treasury, and later as a computer programmer. I made a career of computing and worked in Birmingham, London, and eventually Manchester, where I started my own computer software house in 1979.

I completely restored a 16 roomed, one hundred year old house, and became successful in my life-long hobby of motor rallying when I won the British championship in 1985 and 1986.

In 1990, having achieved success in everything that I had done, I realized that there must be more to life than just making money., So I travelled overland to Thailand, through 19 countries, where I started a restaurant, met my Thai wife, and had a daughter, both of whom are here with me in Kunming..

Of my 12 years in Thailand, five years were spent living with a minority hill-tribe in a mountain village.

I became a teacher in China in 2003, and moved to Kunming in July 2007.

As a result of my “new” life, I am interested in philosophy and spirituality, and take pleasure in discussing these subjects in English corners, and socially, along with my experiences of visiting 30 countries, and running businesses for over 20 years.


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