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Arthur Aadland
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306 Jackson Street
P.O. Box 68
Valley Springs, SD 57068
United States
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Art Aadland has studied and been involved in the construction of pipe organs since early childhood. Art and Ellen Aadland were married in 1972, and are both graduates of Augustana College Art and Ellen founded and later established the Aadland Pipe Organ Co. in Valley Springs, SD freshly out of college in 1972.

Art and Ellen Aadland have spent more than 32 years refining traditional methods of pipe organ building and have developed advanced levels of tuning and voicing stability by utilizing superior stablized hardwoods and redundant penetrating finish applications along with wide distrubution tempered fastener applications. These concepts along with scores of other stabilizing features have made the Aadland pipe organ one of the most maintenance free pipe organs in the industry.

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