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Brian Andrus and Stonebridge Real Estate
CEO, Owner
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 Real Estate
1465 S Fort Harrison Ave, Suite 103
Clearwater, FL 33756
United States
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(727) 443-5000  Work
(866) 284-2061  Fax
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Brian Andrus and Stonebridge Real Estate
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Brian Andrus of Stonebridge Real Estate
1465 S Fort Harrison Ave, Suite 103
Clearwater, FL 33756
United States
Phone: (727) 443-5000
Fax: (866) 284-2061

Having been personally involved in a large number of a large variety of transactions (in both type and size) across the spectrum of commercial real estate as well as various residential types including new developments, Brian Andrus' experience provides a wealth of background and understanding of the complete real estate marketplace.

The result of Stonebridge Real Estate's exceptional service has been a stellar word-of-mouth reputation with clients and their associates, upon which their success continues to grow. Because of a firm dedication to high standards, continuing education, creative and innovative perceptions, and an adherence to a high level of business ethics, Stonebridge Real Estate now has a book of testimonials about their service (open to all for review). Brian Andrus has built a team that strives to leave every client absolutely and completely satisfied. The results speak for themselves: through many years of complex commercial and residential real estate dealings, Stonebridge has never been involved in a lawsuit of any kind, while the list of satisfied clients is ever expanding. The Stonebridge philosophy is that it is simply great business to do everything necessary to satisfy your clients, and a waste of time, money and effort to do otherwise. And in life, as in business, it's also the way in which we'd like to be serviced.

Brian's prior successful background as a licensed general contractor, a licensed business consultant and a successful and prosperous broker is invaluable. He provides an ability to understand what truly suits a client’s needs the most, work out an optimum investment for that client in the short and long term, and then to take the necessary steps to deliver optimum results for each client.

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Brian Andrus

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