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Des Plaines Office Equipment
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 Consulting Services
Chicago, IL 
United States
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312/896-1006  Work
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My name is Morgan Patchell, I am a consultant with the Chicago Branch of Des Plaines Office Equipment. We are a document production and print management consulting company as well as a value added reseller for some of the top technology manufacturers.

We typically work with companies that are frustrated with their existing office equipment vendors and/or agreements and companies that struggle with the IT and administrative burden associated with maintaining and managing their office technology. We also help companies to find the best way to stay on the leading edge of technology that improves their business processes.

Our experience, commitment, and flexible agreements are what set us apart.

Please feel free to call me with any questions at 312/896-1006. I also encourage you to take a look at our products and services at

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"If you are looking for improved productivity, increased profitability and a rock solid consultant to work with, meet Morgan Patchell. Morgan works in the document management space and is a top performer in his industry. He has a consultitive approach with laser point focus on helping his prospective clients solve issues and improve their bottom line. I would recommend that every business owner with a prints, fax and copier speak with Morgan Patchell."   

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