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Originally from Kenya, Wilfred Saroni migrated to the United States in search of success and achievement. Using keen leadership abilities, Mr. Saroni has built a business empire unparalleled in quality of service and accomplishments. As a young boy in Kimana, Kenya, he demonstrated savvy for recognizing valuable opportunities and seizing prospects for success. Growing up, he was able to hone these skills through his positions as head boy in his primary and high schools. Talents in hand, Wilfred Saroni has created a flourishing business empire that is still prosperous today.

Mr. Saroni’s first business venture was a travel agency in Nairobi, Kenya. After this undertaking, he moved to the United States in hopes of creating a thriving network of businesses. He began by founding the Holden Medical Institute, Inc., a facility that trains over 1,200 students per year in the health care field. Holden Medical Institute, Inc. has been so successful that it is now in the process of becoming a community college, and one day, Mr. Saroni hopes, an official four-year university of health sciences. He has also founded various other organizations, including Holden Homecare Services, an institute that provides home health care. In addition, he owns the Boston-based Holden Center, a 300,000 square foot office building that houses medical suites, Saint Joseph Dialysis Center, New England Rehabilitation Center, and the Holden Medical Institute Lowell Campus.

Wilfred Saroni holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from Capella University, as well as certification as a Microsoft Systems Engineer. He has been prestigiously awarded as a result of his business know-how and achievements. In 2005 he was awarded two distinguished honors—the New Hampshire Businessman of the Year Award and the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award.

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