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In the world of the Web, there are a lot of great sites out there with lots
of content. Some of it is original and some of it is a rehash of other sites. Even others are there purely for entertainment while the rest really try to be as serious as possible.

Geekazine Creator: Jeffrey Powers, has been an avid podcaster. As an IT Professional and a musician, most of Jeffrey’s Podcasts in 2005 and 2006 were music related. However, in 2007, after a small break, Jeffrey realized he wanted to podcast about the computer and IT industry. He then started working on a new Podcast.

The unnamed podcast went for a few weeks. Jeffrey ran a contest to see if a name would surface. Unfortunately it didn’t, however it did put him on the right track. After further research and hits and misses on Domains, Geekazine became the forerunner.

Geekazine is an online Magazine for Geeks. With 2 different podcasts, several articles, polls and a whole lot more, Geekazine is poised to report on items that people in the Geek world want to know about

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iKarma Rating: 84%
CareerSaver Rating Given: *****
"Insightful and entertainingI As an advertiser, I see nothing but growth. Keep up the good work!"   

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brie sansotta Rating Given: *****
"Geekazine is a great tech-related podcast. A mix of tech news and how-to's from a geeky musician. I like how Jeffrey Powers divides his podcast up into segments. That way, if I am time-crunched, I can easily go back and pick up the podcast at a good point later on. This is one of my favorite podcasts"   

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