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FauxJo L.
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711 East Carefree Hwy Ste 102-93
Phoenix, AZ 85085
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Faux Finishing by Off The Wall
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FauxJo is the owner and creative force behind the Arizona based company Off The Wall Custom Faux Finishing. She established Off The Wall in 1980 in Scottsdale, Arizona. For the past 28 years JoanAnn has provided custom design Faux Finishing & Artwork for corporate, retail and residential interiors. She applies her talent for visualizing and creating the client's personality in her designs. She stresses professionalism every step of the way. Her staff of artists are clean, neat, creative and spontaneous. "I'm right there," says Jo "Working with the clients, explaining the options that are available." Her
"Down to Earth" style make it easy for customs to communicate with her which makes them become repeat clients over the years. She cares about each and every project she works on. FauxJo opened up her Off The Wall studio for 9 years providing faux finishing classes and training seminars to her students to learn the art and faux of decorative finishes. She also produced a Video "Pro-Faux" that teaches people "how to do It Yourself"which is available now to the public. Off The Wall has completed thousands of projects for restaurants, hotels, department stores, model homes, corporate offices and private residences. Off The Wall has been featured in Magazines, Newspapers and Television. Jo has natural born talent and has inspiration from her studies in Europe and North Africa. As you can see in their portfolio, it is just a touch of what can be done with the "Art of Painted Surface."
A picture is worth a thousand words. Jo - Off The Wall Custom Faux Finishing has opened up a New Art Gallery located in Desert Hills or you can visit: www.offthewallartists.com her website and see some new and exciting Art for your home, office. Put some color into your life!

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"Faux Finish Off The Wall Company faux finished our columns and walls in our Scottsdale home. We have had other artists do work in many of our other homes but FauxJo and her team did an outstanding job. The Faux finish marble was so detailed and the color combination was perfect. We highly recommend Off The Wall and you can be very confident in Jo and Orlando they are a wonderful team. We are going to have these wonderful artists do two other homes this next year and we are very excited. If you"   more...

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