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Habitata Building Products, LLC
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1600 South 39th Street
St. Louis, MO 63110
United States
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(800) 422-8518  Work
(888) 291-3391  Fax
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Habitata Building Products, LLC
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Habitata Building Products provides residential and commericial builders with quality, recyclable, building supplies for exterior applications such as fiber cement and vinyl siding, vinyl, aluminum and wood windows and a full spectrum of fences and handrail systems. Habitata also owns Halcyon Shades and manufactures, heat-rejecting solar control window shades. Halcyon shades are available at Lowe's and Home Depot as well a through national network of 500 dealers. On the building supply side of he business, Habitata manages material logistics for small and large jobs making sure that materials are on site when they are needed. Our prices are low and our service is outstanding. We are on a first name basis with most of our customers and know a lot about their business so that we can meet the unique needs of each customer to keep them profitable.

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"The rating is not based on the product - just communications problems.
Who can even reach these people!? I work for the government and have been trying to locate Halcyon Shades for months. One of the FEW times the 1-800 number answered I was told to contact 2 large home/ builder retailers that have stores in my area.
When calling these companies...none of the employees there know what I'm talking about. I know that employees in these companies turn over with some frequency - but shee"   more...

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We have already outgrown two phone systems in a year. Our third system is being installed in the third week of April, 2010. We have only 18 employees and 6 of them are dedicated to answering the phone. We should have this resolve in the next two weeks. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Our solar control shades are catching on like wild-fire and we are having to grow quickly to handle it.


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