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Heather Schatz
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322-A Emerson Rd
High Ridge, MO 63049
United States
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I am a Fenton, MO native. After graduating from the University of Missouri-- Columbia with a Doctorate in veterinary medicine, I spent the past three years working in general practice in Jefferson County. I have also worked closely with Open Door Animal Sanctuary in House Springs. We opened Advantage Veterinary Center in June 2008. We offer medicine, surgery, dentistry, radiology services, laboratory services, and nutrition services for dogs and cats. Please stop by to introduce us to your 4-legged family members. House calls available.

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Tricia Wieneman Rating Given: *****
"My dogs have been patients of Dr. Schatz since January of 2010. I have always found her and her staff to be professional, courteous, and very capable. We first came in contact with her when we needed a vet that makes house calls to put our German Shepherd to sleep. We were so impressed with her compassion and skill that we decided to try her for the care of our other 4 dogs. That level of professionalism has continued throughout our experiences at her practice. One of the things I like the b"   more...

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Mr Pib Rating Given: *****
"Hello, My name is Mr. Pib, my humans And I recently moved to High Ridge from Affton. I need a doctor that is closer to home, so we visited Dr. Schatz and her facilities. She and her staff are very nice and respectful of you and your humans.
My need for a doctor is I am troubled with bladder stones, I have had the surgery once, and was suspecting I needed it again, sure enough Dr. Schatz confirmed it ,I needed it. We tried antibiotics for awhile, but my humans felt I needed to get it taken care"   more...


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Debbie Rating Given: *****
"We recently transferred the care of our pets to Dr. Schatz. I perceive that she is young, but even so, I was impressed with her background experience and knowledge of current treatment modalities.
She does not oversell services and offers reasonable options and alternatives. She treated us with care and dignity when our cat died. She continues to manage care for our beloved dog and I am confident of her ability to manage his health care needs. I think she "manages" us as well because she "   more...


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Gerry Geraldson Rating Given: *
"Dr. Schatz is wayyyyy too inexpierenced to be working on her own. I just took my dog there and I felt very unconfident in her abilities. I read one review on another website that said she was nice. I didn't really get that feeling. I read another that accused her of writing all the positive reviews. That totally seems like something she would do. NO THANK YOU!!!"   


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Dear Mr. Geraldson, I am sorry that your "experience" at AVC was less than desirable. Please feel free to contact me to discuss what parts of the visit were inadequate so that we may better serve future clients. In the future, it will help myself and other businesses that you review if you provide concrete criticism of the business instead of merely lashing at at the person's personality or pro

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Sharon Davis Rating Given: *****
"Absolutely the Best & most caring Vet I have been to in years. The Staff at Advantage is also extremely cheerful and willing to help in any way possible. I take my own 2 kittens to Dr Schatz and will not go anywhere else - she is wonderful with them. I also just had to take a stray that had been attacked by another animal and was terrified that she was going to have to be put to sleep (and also nervous about the cost) Dr Schatz explained what she could do to help the Mama kitty and what it wo"   more...



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