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Window Washing System
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Window Washing System
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World : I have a great wife, Nicole, and 4 wonderful children: Melissa, Jonathan, Cynthia,and Gabriel. I am full of Imagination and I never stop dreaming up new ideas. I was a guest on StartUpNation Radio, August 2006. Six brave entrepreneurs demonstrated their inventions, new products, and companies on StartUpNation Radio. I was one of them. Please visit the URL's below to learn about my Invention: "An Automatic Window Washing Machine." U.S.Patent 6,986,186My Profile summary business plan: We are looking to find some investor to start this new international Project ! COMPANY SUMMARY Window Washing System / W.W.S. Technology Canada Inc. will begin its operation in 2008. The inspiration for the company was the realization that there is a need for a window washing company that can implement new technology designed to provide faster, easier, and better service featuring long life durability, solid installation, and great service that will save time, decrease costs, and save lives as well as reduce insurance premiums. The company will be headquartered in Saint-Tite, Quebec,Canada. Its operations will expand internationally. MISSION STATEMENT Window Washing System / W.W.S. Technology Canada Inc. is a company that will strive to excel in the manufacture and distribution of an automatic window washing machine designed to save time and money for businesses. What makes Window Washing System / W.W.S. Technology Canada Inc. different and special is that Window Washing System / W.W.S. Technology Canada Inc. will offer a cost effective product that will allow windows to be cleaned more frequently and irrespective of inclement weather. Penetrate the market in the manufacture and distribution of an automatic window washing machine designed to save time and money for businesses. Develop employee capabilities to ensure a strong foundation for participation in a rapidly growing company. Increase sales and revenue at a rate no less than 10% per year.
Competitive advantage.
Window Washing System / W.W.S. Technology Canada Inc. has done extensive research and investigation of all of the aspects of the competitiveness of the existing market in which it will be participating. Window Washing System / W.W.S. Technology Canada Inc. management team is fully aware of the major competitors who include Manual Window Washers .

Window Washing System / W.W.S. Technology Canada Inc. recognizes these major competitors as a prime focus because they have been evaluated using criteria of price and value given. This company specifically knows that the advantages that it has over its competition include that Window Washing System / W.W.S. Technology Canada Inc. provides a courteous and knowledgeable staff of well trained personnel dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. This study of its competition has given the company a mastery of the effects of regulatory agencies, business share, pricing strategies, cut-throat or permissive posturing, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the management teams who head up the companies that make up the competition.

Window Washing System

Our new window washing machine can be set up to clean the exterior of any window, large or small, on any building, low or skyscraper, by simply pressing a one-touch on/off switch. You will never have to employ a window washing team with ladders, elevators or scaffolding again. Our system is safer, less expensive, and you can wash any one window on any given day. Our system is simply better.

With us the service will be faster and they will not have to be on a list waithing the proper service to be done anymore,with are machine in ten seconde there window will be clean automatically when they needed to be done!

Here is a large-scale project and who could likely come number one leader! Imagine your selves! Sat(based) on your sofa and look your windows clean themselves . Eh! Yes, only by pressing on your switch one / off or a remote control. Whether it is for a building, a skyscraper, an airport, a signboard(banner) of freeway and I pass some example... We found a solution which reduces a considerable number of accidents, time(weather) and money. I invented one automatic window-washing ; In 10 seconds your windows shine with cleanliness. I am in search of investors or of serious partner.
How many computer per house? And, How many windows per house? I think that the answer is phenomenal. I have a product which is going to revolutionize the business world window cleaning!

We will sale licenced territory to all the resellers !

We will sale extra warranty service after sales !

We will sale licenced territory for the installator !

We will build a completly new market with a high volume of profit !
Management Bio

Stephane Dube Inventor,Fondator,President. W.W.S.Technology Canada INC. My direct line +1-418-365-4306 My SKYPE name ( stephanewws ). My YAHOO name ( My pitch video : John D.Douglas Vice President W.W.S.Technology Canada INC. Marketing Executive for an International Company. Marketing Products Internationally. Consulting,Building Businesses Internationally Stephane Dube Director of sale department W.W.S.Technology Canada INC. Internet,sale,publicity,website builder,etc... Additional detailsLocation: Window Washing System W.W.S. Technology Canada Inc. 133 du moulin Saint-Tite, Quebec G0X 3H0 Phone: 418-365-4306 Fax: 418-365-3903 Email: , Saint-Tite , Quebec, G0X-3H0, Canada Founded in: 2007 Stage: Alpha (prototype) Number of employees: 1-5 Completed funding: Self-Funded Revenue: Zero Profitable year: 2009 The prototype in action on video but this prototype is not the final product we are working on it at the moment for smaller motor and to make the real machine with no noise. This is just to show that it's working good and to make poeple understand the fonction of this invention.
The durability,the utility and the fesability!
To see the real prototype on video in action :
On 1/1/2007 you took the survey for your company. You should be proud of the fact that you scored in the top 5% of 100,000 companies that took the same survey! " My Award " .

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Cindy Bolley Rating Given: *****
"It is my pleasure to write a review for Stephane Dube.
Stephane and I have something in common:


I hate to Wash them and his business is Washing them.
Being an inventor, Stephane has that "Never Give Up"
attitude. Determination is so important in any business.
Stephane Dube has that with a capital "D" !

Good Luck with your Great Invention.

Cindy Bolley
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