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Jack Humphrey is the Editor of the Friday Traffic Report. He is the author of the Authority Black Book and consultant for NetSmartMedia.com. Jack is also a consultant who works with small to medium internet startups and established businesses looking for more visibility on the web.

He has 10 years of professional online marketing, link building, SEO, blog marketing and social marketing experience and has built a multi-million dollar corporation dedicated to teaching website owners how to drive serious traffic to their sites.

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Ronda Del Boccio Rating Given: *****
"I am always impressed with the high quality of Jack Humphrey's products and posts.

I really love Web2 Submitter. This helps me blast great material far and wide. It helped me pub a publishing company on the virtual map that did not previously have any way people would find them on the web - in under 30 minutes. I love this product and highly recommend it!
Ronda Del Boccio

Tags: jack humphrey Ronda Del Boccio The Story Lady Web 2 Submitter Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
Martin Malden Rating Given: *****
"I first came to know Jack through the Authority Black Book. As good as that was I didn't take it any further until I learnt about the set up fo Social Power Linking earlier this year. Having become tired of the ever increasing cost of PPC and all the other so called killer marketing methods, I signed up.

I now rarely use PPC except for testing out new campaigns or to get a new campaign started. And my visitors as much or more targetted than with PPC - at a fraction of the price.

Jack's "   more...

Tags: internet marketing internet marketing advice affiliate home business support Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
Bill Wardell Rating Given: *****
"It's hard to say what I feel about Jack, he is why I am, who I am today!!!

Simply put, I have read, listened, learned, enjoyed, studied, struggled, hoped, envisioned, dreamed, worked for and still after 5 years Jack still amazes me with his energy, passion and his willingness to share what he knows with others... in the truest sense of the word he is my Mentor, and I love being the Apprentice, and look forward to many more years of learning and especially the success that comes with hard work"   more...

Tags: internet marketing jack humphrey Friday Traffic Report cutting edge Detail

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Kim Parsley Rating Given: *****
"If you are looking for a great Mentor for Social Marketing, Web 2.0 Marketing, and Traffic Generation, then Jack is the one. He keeps on top of the latest happenings and provides so much valuable information, resources and tools in his "Authority Black Book", Blogging Softwares and his blog "Friday Traffic Report".

I would highly recomend Jack to anyone who has the desire to be an Authority Online and a Successful Blogger. I have been following him since March 2008 and seeing improvements "   more...

Tags: internet marketing social media Social Marketing jack humphrey blog marketing web 20 marketing traffic generation Authority Black Book Firday Traffic Report blogging mentor Detail

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Alayns LLC Rating Given: *****
"Jack and his Authority Blackbook were not only an inspiration to my success but a blueprint I have used to achieve that success. Jack posses more knowledge about social marketing, traffic generation and web 2.0 marketing that 99.9% of the people I have meet.

If you are interested to succeed with your blog - Jack has the collection of tool to push you there."   


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