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Recent retiree Pete Acampora has been a mentor to young people for over 30 years as a high school teacher and athletic coach. Before he retired, Mr. Acampora was both a Business and Physical Education teacher and the Athletic Director at Salesian High School in New York. In this role, Mr. Acampora not only taught classes, he also managed the school’s athletic program and coached the boys’ volleyball and wrestling teams. During Pete Acampora’s time at Salesian High School, he founded the NYC-Westchester CHSAA Boys’ Volleyball League, and expanded the school’s athletic program from three teams to eleven.

Since retiring, Pete Acampora stays very active through exercise and pursuing his passions. He continues to be heavily involved in sports, now in an officiating capacity. Mr. Acampora's years of experience in coaching volleyball provided him with the necessary background to transition from coaching to officiating. In the capacity he has refereed all levels of competition from high school to Division 1 collegiate as well as being a USA volleyball referee. Pete Acampora has also been featured in several publications. He has published two softball articles in Scholastic Coach Magazine and was the subject of an article in Referee Magazine.

Pete Acampora attended Fordham University where he studied Business Administration and earned his Bachelor of Science degree. He continued his studies at Pace University, where he earned his Master of Science degree in Educational Administration, with a concentration in business management of educational institutions.

In addition to officiating at volleyball games, Pete Acampora also enjoys playing sports to keep in shape, including softball, volleyball, and weightlifting. Mr. Acampora is also an avid reader, and counts Jules Verne, Truman Capote, and Charles Dickens among his favorite authors. He currently lives in the state of New York.

Most recently, Mr. Acampora was featured in COINWORLD newspaper (November 24, 2008) for his work in the numismatic field. He has given presentations to various numismatic groups on FINDING TREASURES IN CIRCULATION--WHAT'S OUT THERE? The main topic of this article is the 1983 Doubled Die Reverse Lincoln cent he found while searching through rolls of circulated cents. A truly rare and valuable find.

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