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I've been married now for 30 years and a father of two. Believe me the expression, where has time gone? is totally true in our case. As a family we have spent two thirds of our lives here in Florida. Originally from New York state. You may have noted I work as a property manager. I also have an interest in building a successful Internet Marketing business.

My first experience with the internet was to start a Google blog where I could promote my business, share my thoughts and offer some product resources.

Like most people, I would love to make the "real money". The question I've asked myself is why? (Some soul searching here). Well, I've come to realize that if money becomes more than a tool to be used for a higher good, the result will be pursuing money for a lesser goal. I know this sounds a bit pious but I certainly would not be comfortable hoarding my blessings.

I enjoy building relationships and networking with others. The satisfaction that comes by helping people is unmatched in life. I hope to learn as much as I can about internet marketing and pass it on to those who want to succeed in the internet marketing business.

Riding a motorcycle is one of my great joys.

Thank you for taking the time. I trust life is a blessing for you and that you realize it's 4u2keepup!

Mike R

P.S. Comments and reviews are welcomed.

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Crazy Foxes Marketing Group Rating Given: *****
"It's been my pleasure in getting to know Michael Rizzuti! He is a hard working and successful member of our Crazy Foxes Marketing Group. Michael is always willing to provide help and information to any of us that need a question answered. He gives this business everything he's got while always maintaining such a positive outlook and wonderful attitude...great attributes of any leader.

Michael is going to go far as an internet marketer and mentor and I'm just grateful that he is on our team! A"   more...


iKarma Rating: 100%
Cindy Bolley Rating Given: *****
"It is such a pleasure to write a review for Michael Rizzuti.
I know Michael through our mutual association with the
CrazyFoxes Marketing Group.

Michael has such a wonderful personality, it is a sheer joy to
work with him. He is always so willing to offer assistance and help
other people. Give him a project and he takes on the attitude of,
"what ever it takes".

I really enjoy having Michael on our Team. He is a true asset
to our marketing group. I am looking forward to a long busines"   more...

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Thanks for those kind words Cindy. The truth is, if It wasn't for people like you in the industry, guys like me wouldn't have a fighting chance at it. I am forever grateful to you for your generous spirit. (The Good Book says: "It goes well with the person who deals generously..." [Psalms 112:5.]) You are the living expression of that! michael rizzuti


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