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Giuseppe Strazzeri
Mortgage Agent
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 Mortagage Broker
9 Holland Street West
P.O. Box 1669
Bradford, ON L3Z2B9
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Giuseppe Strazzeri
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The decisions you are pondering will undoubtedly be some of the most important ones you will ever make. Not only will my team help you make sure the decisions you make are the correct ones, we will lay the necessary foundation to help make sure your goals are realized.

For the past 10 years I have been working in the financial services sector to help you, the consumer, understand the intricasies of the mortgage industry. My ongoing commitment to my continuing financial education ensures that I am always up-to-date in my profession.

We are dedicated to helping you identify your needs and develop a mortgage strategy to help meet those needs.

Over that time I have been building strong and enduring relationships, with Lenders such
as: CIBC, Firstline Mortgages, PC Financial, The Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia,
HSBC, Laurentian Bank, BCI, National Bank, Street Capital Financial Corp, ING Mortgage Broker Services,
MCAP Mortgage Corp., First National Financial Corp., Scotia Express, Equitable Trust, Home Trust, Merix Financial, Equity Financial, ICICI Bank and private lenders who can approve
loans where credit and/or income is a problem, based on credibility, trust, knowledge, and
above all, satisfying my clientele's needs.

We appreciate that busy people do not always have the flexibility to meet within normal
business hours. That is why I accommodate your schedule, and will meet at a location
convenient for you.

There is only so much you can learn about someone over the phone or via e-mail, and I
know that only through personal, one-on-one meetings will I be able to develop a
relationship with customers to better understand their situations and needs.

An Active member of the community, I volunteer with the Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma a
non-profit community service organization of dedicated men and women, working in
partnership with the Community, supporting numerous worthy causes in Toronto and
beyond. Organized in 1921 the Club continues to serve the ever-changing needs of young
children, youth, the physically and mentally disadvantaged and senior citizens.

Founder of The Bradford Board of Trade, I am known for my business planning and financial
management expertise, I provide strong support in my position of Executive Director. The
Bradford Board of Trade is committed to enriching the lives of its members and the business
community at large, both professionally and personally through community building,
education and networking.

An Active member of The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals
founded in the fall of 1994 with input from regulators and formed by lenders, mortgage
brokers and insurers. A truly strategic alliance, it brings together key players from all
sectors with the aim of providing professionalism in Canada's mortgage industry through
enforcement of a code of ethics, and enhanced programs.

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