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The AOG Group is comprised of the following companies:

AOG Aviation Spares, Inc. is an FAA repair station focused on providing component repair and overhaul services to the domestic and international aerospace industry. We specialze in many types of aircraft accessories. Our list of component repair customers include many of the world's largest commercial airlines, regional airlines, commuter and corporate aircraft operators, and parts brokers. We offer a variety of component capabilities on numerous aircraft. AOG currently supports many regional operators both domestic and international. We service accessories for these popular parts and aircraft:

Transformer Rectifiers AC Generators Power Supply Dimmer Controls Navigation Lights
Starter Generators Starters DC Generators Generator Control Units
Ventilation Blowers Electric Motors Static Inverters APU Starters
Wheel Speed Transducers Battery Chargers
DC Converters Cabin Temp Controllers Hydraulic Actuators Electric Valves Landing Gear Motors
Strobe Lights Strobe Light Power Supplies Landing Gear APU Generators

For the following Aircraft:
Airbus ATR 42/72 Boeing Gulfstream
Bombardier Beechcraft King Air Series Beechcraft 1900D , 1900C IAI Westwind
Embraer Fokker Mitsubishi DeHaviland
Cessna Citation Piper Cheyenne Learjet Douglas
Hawker Falcon Honeywell APU Sundstrand APU

AOG Insurance Agents Ltd.

145 Repair Station Insurance
Corporate Flight Departments
Private Aircraft Insurance
Hangar Insurance
Aviation Product Liability Insurance
Aircraft Renter Insurance
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AOG Aircraft Services :

aircraft maintenance services operation. We are very proud to offer our exceptional quality, quick turnaround, and attractive prices. AOG Aviation Spares specializes in all types of piston powered single and muli-engined aircraft, as well as mid-sized turboprop and jet aircraft. We operate at two locations depending on aircraft size: Dekalb Taylor Municipal, DeKalb, Illinois and Woodlake Landing Sandwich, Illinois We routinely perform these duties:

100 Hour, Annual, and Phase Inspections
Pre Purchase Inspections
STC Kits and Modifications
Major and Minor Repairs and Alterations
Radio and Avionics Installations and Repair
Air Conditioning Servicing
Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance (24 Hour AOG Line)

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