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Sometimes the invisible hand of capitalism is just a little too invisible. Good businesses that invest in quality and service are often thwarted by competition that skimps on quality but spends on slick advertising. That’s not the way capitalism is supposed to work (at least not according to my 5th grade civics teacher). Capitalism works best when consumers are educated and can exchange information with each other.

I designed iKarma to give business people a way to harness the power of their reputation and trust, and use it to turn happy customers into a powerful sales force. Although designed as a tool for business, iKarma really empowers consumers. iKarma allows consumers to reward the businesses that serve them well and to warn others about those that don’t. iKarma puts the “invisible hand” back in charge of the marketplace, rewarding good business and protecting consumers in the process.

I would also like to urge all iKarma users to take a moment to review those businesses and business people who serve you well. We are all both consumers and producers in the web of business. One of the best ways to build your own reputation on iKarma is to take some time to help build the reputation of others. One of the truly beautiful things about iKarma is that every review you give links right back to your own iKarma profile.

Peace & Prosperity
Paul Williams

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About: Cafe' Sole' Rating Given: *****
"Cafe Sole is a great place for a quick soup, sandwich, pizza or beer. My entire office eats there several times a week. It's close to the beach and you can sit outside and enjoy the weather. Great f"   more...



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