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iKarma, Inc.
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1203 Town Center Dr
Suite 212
Jupiter, FL 33458
United States
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Palm Beach Homes
Broward Florida - Fort Lauderdale Real Estate
Distinct Estates - Florida Real Estate
Jupiter Island Real Estate
Saint Lucie Florida Homes
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As a member of the iKarma team, I have worked hard to assure the success of iKarma. We have worked diligently to help others allow their ethical practices to be displayed all over the web. We have tried to bring Tags, Reviews, a Network Viewer and much more to our user's experience. We are located in Jupiter Florida and have the goal of helping good clients find good companies.

In the past I have run many other websites and am also a co-owner of a recruiting company.

Along with iKarma, I have recently begun working with a new venture Diabetic Health Agency. Our goal is to provide free or low cost diabetes supplies and meters to patients all over the US. As part of our ongoing efforts we are working on a new sites Diabetic Program, free diabetes supplies, and free glucse meter. Maintaining diabetes is difficult, so the goal of this site will be to provide a full program for diabetics to maintain their treatment with as much ease as possible. With any luck we'll be diligently providing diabetes care to patients all over the country.

My wife is the owner of Distinct Estates and services the south Florida area including the Miami homes market.

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iKarma Rating: 97%
Lori Leach-Forster Rating Given: *****
"Full of life and laughter, and rarely short on opinions, Scott has to be one of the most self-driven people I have ever done business with. You could trust that at even at two in the morning, Scott would be the one still up with you on instant messenger working away...

I worked closely with Scott in an effort to make sure the iKarma system he created was delivered in an aesthetic, but usable way. Working with his order flow was very smooth because his information was organized clearly, making"   more...

Tags: reputation management iKarma information architecture database Detail

iKarma Rating: 93%
Paul Williams Rating Given: *****
"I first met Scott in 1997 and although I was working 60 hour weeks as VP of Special Investments at an investment banking firm I knew I wanted to work with him in some way. We soon formed Stock-Talk Partners and in “our spare time” we created which contained individual forums for over 8,500 traded securities. grew and quickly generated over 1.5 million unique page views each month. Self financed and profitable from the first month, the ad revenue from "   more...


iKarma Rating: N/R
FedEx Rating Given: *****
"Scott is not simply a brilliant businessman. He is also honest, smart, funny, and alot of fun. Unfortunately, he's not a great skier. We'll see if another few days of lessons solves that. "   


iKarma Rating: 100%
Shelly Vongchanta Rating Given: *****
"In the 12 years I've had the pleasure of knowing Scott, I've seen him do things such as: leave high school a year early to start his college career, graduate from college with his own web business, and create/build a brokerage firm's IT structure. His current partnership in a company as successful as StockbrokerShop (and his dedication) leaves me without doubt that his newest venture, ikarma, will also be a huge success. He's a born entrepreneur, and his extensive knowledge of IT systems and b"   more...



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