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ori van lines
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san jose, CA
san jose, CA 95131
United States
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ORI Van Lines: Professional, Licensed, Insured Moving Company

ORI Van Lines is a fully licensed and insured family owned company with its own storage facility and a fleet of 14 trucks and 17 trailers. The professional movers at ORI Van Lines can relocate anyone to any state within the continental United States.

Based in San Jose, Calif., and in business now for several successful years, ORI Van Lines provides all of the moving, packing and storage needs when relocating to a new home or office. ORI Van Lines has earned the respect of industry competitors by maintaining an extremely high level of customer service and loyalty.

Tracy, in Houston, says: “I got so many phone calls from so many moving companies, but when ORI Van Lines called, they were professional, organized, honest, and gave me all the information I needed, plus all the prices and the times in advance.

“Even if I had more quotes that were cheaper than ORI Van Lines, I knew that, in moving, the price is not …

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latisha obama Rating Given: *****
"I recommend choosing Ori Van Lines as your moving company based on my recent experience.
The movers went with me thru the contract line by line.
The estimate was accurate unless I decided eventually to move my old upright piano.
Anyway I paid small amount in addition for that because my additional price per Lb was very low.
Natalie told me that it will take 5-7 days until it arrives to Texas, but it took 8 days actually.
My items ware delivered safely and nothing was missing.

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cheryl Rating Given: *****
"My roommate and I were all set and ready to move ourselves when a week before the move he broke his arm. Suddenly I was left to do it all myself, and there was no way I could. We were basically screwed. Yeah, I suppose I could call some friends but I hate putting people out. And who doesn't hate moving? So with our back against the wall we came to YAHOO. Ori Van Lines looked like a good option and so I called within minutes they were arranging their schedule to accommodate us. They made things s"   more...

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