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Brett Sullivan
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 Service Industry
210 Park Avenue
Suite 109
Worcester, MA 01609
United States
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1-888-55WIZARD  Work
1-508-425-4713  Cell
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Hi, I'm Brett -- the owner and operator of Trash Wizard of Massachusetts. We've been providing professional and affordable junk removal for the state of Massachusetts for the last 4 years. Our primary focus is recycling and gifting salvageable items to organizations such as the Salvation Army. 75% of our customers are residential but we also specialize in performing larger jobs in the commercial sector. Feel free to visit our website at for more information on this woman owned business in Massachusetts.

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"I used these guys for a whole apartment clean out when we sold an investment property. They sure do have some wizard wands! I didn't even know where to start with the stuff we had and these guys came in, took it all in one day and left if so I could see the floors again. Incredible is all I can say. Not bad prices either compared to the others I talked to."   



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