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An accomplished veteran of the finance industry, Mr. Robert Connelly currently serves as Vice President of Investments and Financial Advisor for Banc of America Investment Services, a subsidiary of Bank of America, Inc. In this position since 2001, Robert Connelly focuses on developing strategic financial management plans for a diverse array of high-value investors. In addition to designing his clients’ investment plans, Robert Connelly also monitors them to ensure his clients achieve their short- and long-term goals for retirement, college savings, home purchases, and more. Through his efforts, Robert Connelly has become a partner in a $1M+ Revenue Team for Banc of America Investment Services. A resident of Westborough, Massachusetts, Robert Connelly works out of Bank of America’s Boston-based offices. Prior to joining Banc of America Investment Services, Robert Connelly employed his considerable skill in finance as a Financial Representative for Fidelity Investments in New York City, where he received an Achiever Bonus Award from the company in 1999. Prior to beginning his career in finance, Robert Connelly attended the University of Massachusetts, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In his spare time, Robert Connelly enjoys staying active and participating in a number of triathlons. Robert Connelly competed in the 2007 Duxbury Beach Triathlon and most recently raced in the 2009 Cohasset Triathlon. In addition to staying fit, Robert enjoys playing poker, hiking, golfing, traveling, spending time with his family, and scuba diving.

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