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Joseph Kleiman is the Chief Executive Officer of Projixx, a consulting firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Kleiman’s responsibilities at Projixx consist of drafting contracts and agreements, business negotiation and planning, software analysis and development, sales training, and fiscal administration. As the head of the firm, Joseph Kleiman is involved with employee management, and he is always looking for new ways to increase productivity and reduce resource waste. Currently, Projixx is under contract with a cost segregation company. For this project, Joseph Kleiman is working to develop software to improve efficiencies in the industry. Before working with Projixx, Joseph Kleiman was the Chief Operating Officer of 944 Media LLC. 944 Media LLC provided Joseph Kleiman with a great team and a platform from which to engage the media industry on the managerial level. For two years with 944 Media LLC, Joseph Kleiman was part of a team that managed all company operations, responsible for the production, human resources, finance, and website development. Joseph Kleiman and his colleagues at 944 Media LLC developed innovative pagination software to allow for remote pagination, which helped take 944 Media LLC from three cities to seven in less than two years. Outside of project management and media, Joseph Kleiman has worked in the wireless technology sector as the President of Bullseye Wireless, a Phoenix, Arizona-based wireless retail operation. In this role, Joseph Kleiman and his staff ran all operations of a 23-store chain of wireless retail shops that had the distinction of being a T-Mobile "Premier Dealer" for 3 years in a row.

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"For historical review re: work w/ Mr. Kleiman, please feel free to contact U.A. Levy, CEO
480-657-8600 x20"   



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