Sommerfield & Associates Psychotherapy, LLC

Thomas Sommerfield
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 Social Services
212 Mill Street
2nd floor
Berlin, CT 06037
United States
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860-329-5239  Work
860-329-5239  Cell
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Sommerfield & Associates Psychotherapy, LLC
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Dr. Tom Sommerfield is conveniently located in Hartford county in central Connecticut. His office is discretely located in Berlin; with ample parking and privacy.
Dr. Sommerfield specializes in family psychology, parenting issues, grief, loss, trauma, intimate and couples relationships, divorce issues, depression and anxiety.
He accepts many insurances as well as private pay clients. "Dr. Tom is very warm and welcoming, assisting those who wish to experience a higher quality of living at a time they may feel 'stuck'.

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" I recently, in april of 2010, finished sessions with Dr. Sommerfield. He is wonderful. He is not just another therapist. He is very human not clinical or cold. I could tell he geniunely cared about my problems. Every visit started off with how I was doing that particular day. The conversations are always about what you want to talk about that particular session. " the office" is very private. It isn't really like an office. It is a nice comfortable place to sit and let it all go. If I ev"   more...



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