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iKarma Rating: 100%
David Dalton Rating Given: *****
"There aren't many people in this world who can combine respect, fortitude, honor and intelligence in their lives any more. Rob is one who has managed to not only show those traits but to live them in everything he does. He is not one of those "tell you what you want to hear" people, he tells you how it is because he knows it is what needs to be said to make things run the right way. As a business associate I can think of nothing more important when working on a project.

As a friend I value h"   more...


iKarma Rating: 93%
Paul Williams Rating Given: *****
"I originally contacted Robert with the idea of having him proof read some of our iKarma text. I quickly discovered that Robert was a wellspring of information and advice on all aspects of the iKarma project. During iKarma’s development, Robert was an invaluable sounding board and advisor on subjects that ranged Buddhist philosophy to server hacks. Somewhere between correcting my spelling errors and laying out our media strategy, Robert went from being just a hired contractor, to a full "   more...


iKarma Rating: N/R
Meredith Hamilton Rating Given: *****
"Rob is an outstanding writer with an acute understanding of the subtleties involved in professional services marketing. He can transform the ugliest copy into an effective communication tool. Brochures, websites, articles, newsletters, and other forms - his writing beautifully and clearly communicates the message you want. I have made use of his talents in the past and will repeatedly in the future. I have no hesitation about recommending Robert Warren to others; he is up-front, honest, brilli"   more...


iKarma Rating: 100%
Jenny Duarte Rating Given: *****
"I've worked with Rob for a number of years now; we've worked on projects together and he's written copy for me as well. He's the best copywriter I've worked with. He's smart, fast, and professional; I recommend him to clients all the time.

Rob wrote my biography for me; he included the clip "hopelessly in love with with the work she does." At the time, I was a bit skeptical of that line, but I've landed clients based on that phrase, and had clients describe me to others using that phra"   more...

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Brandon Eley Rating Given: *****
"I first met Robert at SitePoint Forums, where his advice helps a lot of people (including me). Robert's posts are insightful and informative. Robert is also an excellent writer, which I've learned through reading marketing material he has written as well as his posts on SitePoint. I would recommend Robert's services to anyone who needs clean, professional copy that gets results."   


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