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Realty World, John V. Pinto and Associates, Inc.
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Morgan Hill, CA 95037
United States
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John V. Pinto is the Broker and CEO of Realty World - John V. Pinto & Assoc., Inc., a renowned real estate brokerage firm in San Jose, California. With over 36 years of industry experience, John V. Pinto has encountered every challenge that arises when buying or selling a house, and he possesses the expertise to mediate these issues. Realtor John V. Pinto has owned and operated his own real estate company in Santa Clara County since 1977. A member of the California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors, John V. Pinto has been a featured speaker at the conventions of both organizations. Furthermore, John V. Pinto has been invited to speak at multiple Silicon Valley companies and has been interviewed both on TV and radio for his deep knowledge of residential real estate brokerage topics, including buyer brokerage, income property investments, and architecturally and historically significant homes. Dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, John V. Pinto offers a wide variety of informational podcasts for the benefit of buyers, sellers, and investors. Addressing homebuyers, John V. Pinto provides tips for first-time buyers, discusses how to avoid buying inferior homes, and gives advice for securing a more favorable investment even in an unstable market. For home sellers, John V. Pinto’s podcasts cover finding selling opportunities in today’s market and forming an effective contract. John V. Pinto also supplies investors with his expert opinions on a whole array of real estate investment opportunities. The San Jose Real Estate Board named John V. Pinto Realtor of the Year in 1989. A year later, John V. Pinto was elected President of the San Jose Real Estate Board. John V. Pinto also received the Realty World Broker of the Year award in 2005. An active member of the Realtors National Marketing Institute and the Homeowners Marketing Service, Inc., John V. Pinto is perpetually seeking new experiences and strategies that he can use to serve his clients effectively.

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