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I am really interested to know more about Asian countries. For me, some Asian countries such as Japan, Indonesia, China and Korea have very interesting and exotic culture. Going to those countries and exploring more detail of their culture is my dream. Therefore, I also try to learn their languages as well.

In learning those languages, I like to use some enjoyable media such as music and movies. Those media not only help me to absorb new vocabulary easily but also help me to know more about the countries.

Since I love writing, sometimes I write articles about those Asian countries but it is not the only topic I like to write. I also write several other topics such as psychology, music and life-style. Sometimes I write about certain product that I like, such as university student health insurance. Now, I’m trying my best in learning to speak those languages so I could make my dream comes true. Wish me luck!

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"Honesty and openness are sometimes undervalued traits - many would prefer to hide the past, rather than to allow others to freely and publicly record it for all to see. By creating an iKarma Profile, Brenda Forrest has demonstrated a firm commitment to maintaining a responsible and sincere reputation online. Such people, both rare and precious, are a credit to both business and society.

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