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"This guy is a terrible landlord whose careless, unprofessional attitude towards the safety of his tenants is borderline masochistic. My own experience renting from him was miserable, and I hope that anyone reading this would avoid making the same mistake.

Hey Jason, how's this for some iKarma!!!"   


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Brad Johnson Rating Given: *****
"This guy is a complete joke. Just read the profile he obviously wrote about himself:

"Taught by numerous licensed real estate professionals, Jason Cohen has developed the keen sense of industry protocol and healthy respect for client needs that has become a hallmark of his current service. Today, lending his experience to his role as President of Trends Capital, LLC, Jason Cohen expertly manages a wide range of properties in and around the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area. Jason Cohen’s educati"   more...


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conneeps Rating Given:
"I came across this posting and it brought back the horrible memories of renting from this moral-less, dishonest person for 2 years. It was not by choice, Trends assumed ownership of a property I already had an existing lease with. I concur with the other two reviews here and have experienced all the same issues.

Additionally, parking lots/driveways/sidewalks were never maintained in the winter. Without 4WD on my SUV, I'd have never been able to leave the parking lot. Other tenants were f"   more...


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JZ Rating Given:
"Jason Cohen is Pittsburgh's most notorious slumlord. He's been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for numerous violations of housing code while using the courts to bully students, the elderly and other disadvantaged persons. Search for his name in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the court records of Allegheny County or other landlord websites and it will be obvious that you should avoid any association with him. He truly represents the worst example of a "real estate professional", if he can "   more...

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Gregory Johnson Rating Given: *
"Trends capital is an awful apartment management company. I am not alone in this opinion. A quick search of the internet will reveal numerous similar reviews. I wish I had read these reviews before I rented from this company. My 2 biggest complaints are as follows:

1. Maintenance - Practically non existent. With one exception, any maintenance request I've had has taken months to get repaired, if that. I've had a major leak in my roof for 6 months that I have been unable to get repaired."   more...

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