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Harry Artt Construction
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Harry Artt Construction, with over 25 years of experience, has continued to grow in this time when most construction companies are going out of business. Harry Artt Construction does this by offering a full range of professional construction services to our customers, and providing them with top quality work at affordable prices.

Our subsidiary, Artt of Hurricane Windows and Doors, is a factory direct distributor of Miami-Dade approved hurricane impact windows & doors. As a State of Florida licensed contractor with over 25 years of professional quality building experience. As a general contractor - not just another window dealer – Harry Artt Construction gives you expert window and door installation.

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"HARRY ARTT CONSTRUCTION was recommended to me by another property management company for a special property I managed in Hollywood Florida. Harry Artt Construction did such an outstanding job that I plan on using them on my future projects and I would encourage anyone who has a need for a contractor to use them.

Harry Artt Construction is extremely knowledgeable as it relates to construction and they can complete any residential or commercial project.

I would also like to praise the Harry"   more...

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