Korean Ways Tae Kwon Do

Ms. Joan Howell
Owner / Instructor
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 General Sports Services
2244 Sunrise Blvd.
Rancho Cordova
Gold River, CA 95670
United States
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916-631-8887  Work
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Korean Ways Tae Kwon Do
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Ms. Howell is Owner and Chief Instructor at Korean Ways Tae Kwon Do. Korean Ways is accredited by the United Tae Kwon Do Alliance and Affiliated with the World Taekuk Musul Federation which has schools in 74 countries worldwide. The World Taekuk Musul Federation was founded by Dr. Suk Ku Kim. 9th Dan(Degree) Grand Master Kim is President of the Taekuk Musul Federation and Guiding Master to the United Tae Kwon Do Alliance. Ms. Howell is currently on the Board of Directors of the United Tae Kwon Do Alliance which consists of seven members. See the Korean Ways website for more details. www.koreanwaystaekwondo.com

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"Ironically these people are not in business anymore even though they claim to be growing. According to various resources, they didn't pay their rent and have little integrity. So much for their tenets. I personally would never recommend doing business with anyone from Korean Ways Tae Kwon Do. "   

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Korean Ways was at the end of their lease and did not choose to renew it.John, If you need further info you can contact Ms Howell at Koreanwaystkd@yahoo.com or through the website.Ms.Howell is training students privately and is also continuing her own personal training under the guide of Master Cirincione.This school is very active,we are not bound by brick and mortar.

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"October 2010. These guys are great. They've been growing a lot since they dumped Kellers. We've been to more tournaments and parades and shows then ever. Ms. Howell has connections with other schools that has helped to advance my skills and I have made lots of contacts and friends that has greatly increased my knowledge and experience. The last big event we went to was "The Gathering". There were Grand Masters and Martial Artists from all over the world doing seminars and classes that just blew"   more...

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