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Mr. Kisaberth is one of the top construction consultants in America, bringing 31 yrs. of commercial construction experience to the table; as a courteous competent professional.
Most of that time was spent building in Portland Oregon, which has some of the most stringent building codes in the nation. There he helped build 3 of the 4 tallest hi-rises in Portland.
He also built hi-rises in Colorado Springs CO, San Francisco, and Los Angeles CA. Most of the projects were fast-track, which gives him a good background in schedule writing and milestones, to maintain a critical path, while problem solving with sub-contractors, unions, government officials, and owners.
He is available as a preconstruction advisor, starting with the projects footprint and scope, through the design/build phase, through the core topping out, and T.I. build outs.
When correct decision making is mission critical for your project, you can contact Carl Kisaberth at:


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