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My name Desak Amik, i was Born in Denpasar-Bali-Indonesia. I am Wholesalers, Suppliers and Manufacture of Handicrafts Bali
www.bcbali.com are created by Cv. Batu Cantik .Our Website is Legal verified registered business handicrafts manufacturer by Government in Bali and also has been verified and registered through National Agency Export Development ( NAFED ) Ministry of Trade Indonesia, We start our business since 2000. Bali is the most popular of Art and Crafts Handmade with high quality Products, I love all Fashion Art and handicraft so i start to design in Handbags, Purses, Gift, Crafts, Handicraft, Jewelry, Accessories, Shoes, Sandals, Beach Wear, Sarong Batik pareo with very high quality Export and very low in price. For now, we have more than Thousand design in all of Body Jewelries Costumes such as Wooden Bangles, Shells Bracelet, Wood Necklaces, Shell Earrings, Pearls Jewelry, Finger Rings, Home Made Woman Belt,Hair Accessories and all design very interested Buyer from Europe ,United State, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Spanish, Canada, England and Other Country World Wide.
Visit our Wholesale shop in Kerobokan street 29 Kuta Bali, the second shops in Mall Supermarket Centro Bali Discovery Handicraft Stage. In Jakarta you can find also our place in UMKM Shopping Center by Ministry Indonesia Government. In this moment my concentrate to make Promotion with Shopping Online Indonesia 24 hour. in this way will make is easier for people to shop with us and with the price of wholesale goods cheaper and Quality but still high, you can easily find all the products Online, Here you can find our collection of handbags, fashion Jewelry New, Women Accessories, crafts, beach clothes, shoes and Sandals Bali Handicraft other latest. This will be more practical for doing business partner with Us Wholesale to all of people. we hope all customers will be so that our service to shop online. last word from me that I will always make the latest design to the world market taste and style. we designed a new model every week. Don't hesitate to contact Us 24 hour for information.
Bcbali.com are Products Made in Bali-Indonesia
Best Regard Desak Amik

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"I like with this website have many product jewelry for sale low price and very friendly company website, I have look many product jewelry, handbag, beachwear in website"   

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bcbali.com are indonesia fashion shopping online for jewelry handbag and handicrafts

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